On 5 October 2022, Saudi Global Ports (SGP) Riyadh, Saudi Railway Company (SAR) and the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce organised a trade meet to discuss the growing role of rail freight in Saudi Arabia’s transport and logistics ecosystem.

Attended by over 100 participants ranging from Saudi Arabian government officials to cargo owners and shipping lines, the trade meet was a platform for SGP Riyadh and SAR to jointly engage industry partners and customers on the Kingdom’s vision to grow the role of rail freight in the movement of cargoes domestically and to support Saudi Arabia’s trade with the rest of the world.

During the event, SGP Riyadh and SAR spoke about their plans to improve services and cater to the new requirements of cargo owners and transporters at the Riyadh Dry Port Ecosystem. The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority and Saudi Exports Development Authority also gave explanations on the recent policy changes and plans, which would play a part in easing the use of rail freight for trade. The Saudi Exports Development Authority shared on the available incentives and support schemes that are available to and which would benefit Saudi Arabia’s manufacturers and exporters.

Capping off the trade meet was a panel moderated by PSA’s Regional Head of Partnerships and Sustainability Solutions for Middle East and South Asia Mike Formoso. The panel featured a host of robust discussions on developments at the Riyadh Dry Port Ecosystem, SAR’s plans to expand the Kingdom’s rail freight network, which will bolster its new rail-connected ecosystem and link up the inland container facilities at Riyadh and Dammam, with the seaport in Dammam. The audience also provided feedback on government policy updates that would support imports and exports with ease and sustainability.

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