PSA Singapore recently clinched two awards for their Prime Mover (PM) Telematics initiative, which uses technology to enhance safety.

Part of the comprehensive safety system on prime movers, PM Telematics has made notable contributions towards safety and health by detecting sudden changes in speed and angles of movement, as well as behavioural shifts in drivers. The data also informs and enhances debrief sessions with drivers to discuss driving behaviours, improve performance and reduce challenges faced.

In July, PSA Singapore received the Gold Award within the logistics and transport industry at the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Innovation Awards. It was presented during the 2023 WSH Forum for Logistics & Transport Industry, organised by the WSH Council with support from Singapore Logistics Association. The award recognises PSA Singapore’s commitment towards workplace safety and how it is achieved through leveraging PM Telematics. The judges were impressed with the use of telematics data to coach drivers and inculcate safe driving behaviour.

The second award was conferred in August. Contending alongside other organisations which also won Gold Awards in their respective industries, PSA Singapore ultimately clinched the WSH Innovation Award 2023!

Singapore Port Workers Union (SPWU) Executive Secretary and PSA Singapore HSSS Council Member Jessie Yeo congratulated PSA on the recent achievements. She said: “These recognitions underscore PSA’s unwavering commitment towards workplace safety and highlight how an organisation can leverage technology to achieve safety goals.”

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