In the late morning of 5 December 2022, CMA CGM ARGENTINA called alongside the Sociedad Puerto Industrial Aguadulce (SPIA) terminal – a member of the PSA Group – in the Port of Buenaventura in Colombia. With a loading capacity of 15,720 TEUs, the 366 metre-long and 51 metre-wide vessel set the record of being the ship with the largest container capacity to ever dock at a Colombian port.

CMA CGM, an important partner of SPIA for the past five years, built the state-of-the-art container ship CMA CGM ARGENTINA in 2019. The record-breaking vessel sailed from the Lazaro Cardenas Port on Mexico’s West Coast before calling at the Port of Buenaventura. It will make its next stop at the port of Callao in Peru as part of a regular schedule.

SPIA President and CEO Miguel Abisambra said: “This news is not only very important for our terminal, but also for the national port industry, for Buenaventura, for foreign trade, and Colombia. It is also a message of confidence and credibility for the Aguadulce terminal, for its dedication and commitment to service levels, safety, infrastructure, productivity, and the adherence to high international standards in its operations.”

CMA CGM ARGENTINA’s call demonstrates SPIA’s large operating capacity and strategic location for maritime trade. Miguel added: “We are increasingly becoming an important part of Colombia’s logistics chain. This confirms our commitment to continue upgrading the terminal so that it is ready to receive the ships of tomorrow.”

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