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Bonded Warehousing

Goods that enter the customs territory of India from outside may be stored under the supervision of (Indian) Customs.

While the goods are in the bonded warehouse, they may, under supervision by the customs authority, be withdrawn for consumption upon payment of specific duty as per withdrawal quantity and at the rate applicable to the goods at that point of time. This enables you to import goods in bulk quantity without the need to pay import duty on entire bulk quantity. This enhances your bargaining power with the exporter.

Our bonded warehouses are administratively controlled. Due to the intensive administrative control, the number of physical checks is reduced dramatically.

Benefits of our Bonded Warehouse

  • Competitive service rates
  • No add-on overhead of making storage arrangements for Imported cargo
  • Simple import requirements and procedures
  • Documentation process and release of raw materials expedited through PSA Ameya’s computer-assisted operations resulting in simplified, speedy documentation and faster turnaround.