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Safety Rules (Individual)

Safe Acts / Positions

  • Maintain a safe distance from equipment gantry paths.
  • Maintain discipline and order while at work
  • Take rest only at authorized places.
  • Climb ladders, stairs, containers, stacks, spreaders or equipment in a safe manner.
  • Maintain a safe distance from a container, which is lifted or lowered.
  • Adopt a safe position at the edge of ships, hatches, container tops, unguarded openings, wharf aprons, equipment or work areas.
  • Keep clear of all areas between suspended load and stationary object.
  • Keep clear of any suspended load, paths of suspended loads, unstable stacks or paths of moving equipment.
  • Work or permit only people who are not under the influence of drink or drug or any substance that impairs judgment or action to work.
  • Adopt a safe position in the operational areas at all times.

Safety in the Terminal


  • All vehicles shall comply with the speed limit of 25 km per hour.
  • Prime movers entering the terminal with containers are to ensure that the containers are locked with the locking pins.
  • They are to follow the directional signs of the terminal.
  • PM drivers are advised not to make sharp turns when negotiating turns.
  • Drivers are advised to unlock the twist lock before the RTG lifts the loads from the Chassis.
  • The Prime movers are to ensure that the load has clear from the chassis lane before driving off.
  • Prim mover driver and the assistant is to ensure that the spreader if free from the container that has been landed on the prime mover before driving off.
  • Smoking either in the vehicles or whilst in the yard premises is strictly prohibited.


  • Drivers, assistants’, or any other persons are advised not to loiter in the yard.
  • They re not to walk carelessly on the chassis lane.
  • All drivers, assistants and other personnel are advised not to walk on the gantry path of the RTGs.
  • All personnel are not to walk in between the container slots.
  • Customers are advised to not to walk below suspended load.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the terminal premises.

Wharf / Vessel

  • The wharf is a hardhat area and all visitors are to wear the safety helmet when they are visiting the wharf.
  • All visitors are not allowed on board ships except on business or with prior permission.
  • Parking of cars are strictly prohibited at the wharf area, and vehicles driving to the wharf apron for any purpose with permission may do so at their own risk.
  • No visitors are allowed to stand below suspended load either on the wharf or on board ships.
  • Sitting at the wharf edge and bollards is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at the terminal.